[BAN APPEAL (Rule 4)] - BorderrDamage

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[BAN APPEAL (Rule 4)] - BorderrDamage

Postby BorderrDamage » Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:52 pm

Reason for Ban:
I broke rule 4 - I was curious to what the seed of the server was, so I asked DigsLove, however I forgot about rule 4, even though previously warned several times.

What will I do in the future.
I will not ask for the server seed again, even though members of the community told me not to ask, I was not sure if it was information publicly released. I will also not ask for any other special privileges.

Can you also plz tell me why i was banned from the discord again? I don't remember doing anything against the rules
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Re: [BAN APPEAL (Rule 4)] - BorderrDamage

Postby DigsLove » Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:01 pm

You asked a while ago in chat and discord for it and had been told no by more than one admin then. I have kicked and warned you multiple times for asking for privileges from staff and for other rules that you seem to have little to no regards for.
You have been Toxic, Spam chats, spam player and staff PMs both in chat and on discord. The warnings have not been enough, The kicks have not been enough. Your last bans were obviously not enough.
I have tried to be fair and patient with you. But that didn't seem to work.
Perhaps some time down the road things might change. But for now. Good bye.

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