Moderately-Idiotic Ban

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Moderately-Idiotic Ban

Postby jeremaihtheman » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:08 am

Name: jeremaihtheman

I just joined today to play with two friends of mine. I had just recently died and was passing time until one of my friends could teleport me to them. Upon reading the signs that states you must appeal a ban on the forums; I said I'd like to appeal my ban in chat, as a joke to just pass the time. A staff member made the appropriate response of telling me that I was an idiot for attempting to appeal a ban on a different account. I claimed it was satire humor but I was banned anyway. From my understanding, he's going on a banning spree. I can't confirm for-which I am banned; however, my friends are saying he is. Cheers.

Moderately-idiotic on my part, I just needed an attention-grabbing title
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Re: Moderately-Idiotic Ban

Postby MarlboroGuy » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:24 am

One, I was not the individual to ban you. One of our moderators were and I fully support their decision to do so.

Two, IF you are reading the rule board then you would have already known coming on an alternative character to appeal is cause for being banned. Therefor it would make your "satire joke" idiotic and not the ban in itself.

Three, Your "joke" came in directly after I had just finished banning 2 other individuals at spawn for flying.

Four, Although joking IS allowed on villa as we are pretty lenient with our rules, please be mindful not to get yourself banned for such a Moderately-Idiotic Joke in the future.

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