Long Time Ago -jjfrowst/oolfa

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Long Time Ago -jjfrowst/oolfa

Postby jjfrowst » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:32 am

Hello as you may know, my full ign is jjfrowst ; alt account Oolfa. I have been banned from vnlla by the admin under the username : DigsLove. My reason for ban was stated according to DigsLove at that time as : "Spawn Abuse". I recall that, i used a fishing rod to pull someone a few blocks from where they were originally standing. I had no previous knowledge that, that specific action was considered spawn abuse. I only came to realize it was so while having a discussion with DisgLove via discord (or another server, cannot precisely remember which method). As the owner of this server (directing towards [wet_snow] / formerly known as snow_proper) you may know the type of dynamic player i am and my sincerity towards server rules while only being warned about certain chat regulations in the past which i promptly complied to. I am submitting this appeal in hopes that i can be given a fair chance to play on the [Vnlla] server without any biased actions from staff members. I say this because i never was warned about the fishing rod incident (mind you this is from 2016 i believe), and i had a feeling the act of my ban was in some extent carried out with bias (personal opinion, I observed digslove favoring players that i have fairly defeated in the game). I do not show any biased feelings towards any staff as this is a game to play not a place to judge people doing their job [staff], this is why i have utmost respect towards staff as i know they deal with many irresponsible players on a daily basis. I do apologize for being in the state where DigsLove thought it was necessary for me to be banned although i made a minor mistake without my knowledge i have realized that i could be more mature and responsible for my actions in the future. I really hope you take into consideration my appeal and if it helps, recall the type of sincere player i am based on the servers i play on currently (MP). Diglove, on another note, i have also realized that you may not like the kind of player i used to be, always seeking some sort of action (whether it be pvp, plain banter etc.) i can confirm that over the months (years), just like any young adult the level of maturity only increases and i am strongly convinced that i have gone thru the same phase as well and you will not regret seeing the new behavioral qualities i manifest.

Thank you for your time, DigsLove & SnowProper
Have a wonderful day/night.
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Re: Long Time Ago -jjfrowst/oolfa

Postby DigsLove » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:02 pm

The rules are clear. Do not abuse spawn protection. This includes doing anything that might cause harm to other players and also includes using any method to get around spawn prot, such as using a fishing rod to pull them out of spawn prot.
you were also warned about this before the ban. Much of what you wrote in your appeal is clear and utter BS at this point. I favor no one. We do not hold hands on Vnlla, it is on the players to read and follow the rules. You were warned about spawn abuse prior to your ban. You did not fairly defeat anyone if you used means to get around spawn prot to do so. That is why you were banned.
Then you again broke a second rule by logging on under an alternate account. Who you are, and how you play the game means very little to me. But your clear disregard for the rules does matter.
I hope that you now understand why you were banned. I also hope that you take time to read the rules and in the future you ask for clarity if you do not understand them. Like I said, we are not here to hold you hand. You need to take responsibility for your actions. You got yourself banned. The staff had nothing to do with it.
I accept your appeal this time. Try to stay out of anymore trouble.

Good bye.
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