I apologize

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I apologize

Postby BixsiPig » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:54 pm

Username: BixsiPig
I know this excuse has been used plenty of times but this actually happened.
Since I am on a vacation right now I let my brother use my account. (He is 12)
Well he just now told me that he got banned with my account (a pretty rare account with a minecon cape).
He did not tell me how he got banned or the reason why, and since I am on vacation I can't check but I could only guess he was using hacks.
If he used explicit language which i doubt he did I really do apologize!
I need this account to have as few bans as possible because I later want to sell it due to its rarity.
So I apologize on behalf of my brother! I don't really play minecraft anymore I just now turned 23 but If I could buy an unban for a reasonable price, I would be more than happy todo so!
I know how minecraft servers work and what happens if you break the rules and I sincerely apologize.
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Re: I apologize

Postby m_dog_ » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:49 am

We do not pardon ppl who xray. however since you are a big baller and mentioned money, we will take 16 million for a pardon! one million for each member of staff :D

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