Moderator application

Moderator application

Postby Abraxun » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:15 am

Name: Abraxun
Age: 19, 20 in one month
Time with Vnlla: A little over a month

I realize that this application is premature considering my time thus far with Vnlla but I just want it to be here for when it can be considered :P I believe I could contribute to the Vnlla moderation team and I bring prior staffing experience to the table. I’ve been an administrator on three Garry’s Mod TTT servers, all which included different expectations for its staff members as well as all different types of community dynamics to deal with, so I assure you I’m well accustomed to this sort of stuff. I’m also excited to be able to learn something, as in my 9 years of playing this game I’ve not once staffed a Minecraft server beyond just small 15~ player community servers that don’t count for much. It’d be my pleasure for Vnlla to be my first c:

I can usually get on at least an hour a day, some days monstrous amounts. My username/nickname on the discord is Abraxun if you wish to contact me since my discord tag is often changing a lot

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