Let me help out :-)

Let me help out :-)

Postby Luith » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:00 am

Hi admins,

Some of you I have met on the server alrdy. The fact that I havent met all of you yet is I guess part of the problem. Let me explain (Ill introduce after): I'm from central Europe and am most often on from monday till friday, somewhere between 9 AM and 5 PM (CET). More often then not, not a single admin is on during that time, which is a huge part of the day where people can do their thing while not being monitored. I think my contribution to this server can be that I can monitor within the boundaries of a mod at times where most of you guys are not around....meaning we can fill a pretty big time gap of no supervision by working together :-). Now for the introduction: Im a guy from the Netherlands, turning 30 in a few days, have an office Job, I love checking out the guys on the Hermitcraft server on Youtube and use some of their builds/inventions on Vnlla, although I dont like to go hunting for a raid/grief, I do love the tension it adds to my builds of always being able to be found, raided and/or griefed.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!
- Luith
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