Stormfly’s Moderator Application

Stormfly’s Moderator Application

Postby Stormfly808 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:42 pm

I’m known on the server as Stormfly808, I’ve been playing MC since 2013 (on mobile, Xbox and PC). I’m 17 years old and have been playing on Vnlla for a little over a year now. I play on the server at least 2hr a day, 7days a week. I am applying for this position because of the recent incident with the hackers exploiting the /home feature. During the incident I noticed that the admins took a while to get on and deal with them. I also live in the Niue Tome zone (UTC-11) meaning I am online when many U.S. players are off. The more mods we have from different regions around the world, the more likely it is that one will be on at any given time to respond to threats like hackers, or nuisances like bot spam. I notable trait of mine is that I’m very active in chat, helping new players with the rules and mechanics of Vnlla. I have no Admin that supports my application.

I look forward to hearing your decision.
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