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xNolan For Mod

Postby xNolan_ » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:03 am

Hey, my name is Nolan and I’m 18 years of age. I’ve been playing Vnlla on and off for 7 years under the alias (K722, Doctorrainbow, ChiefKeith ect.) and its really become a home for me. I’m applying because I believe I can fill a void that is currently a need (imo) for vnlla which is, there are no staff on 8-12am Eastern which happens to be my prime playing time. I’m doing online school because of Covid-19 and have more time then ever to help the server in any way I can. I’m active in reporting hackers to the discord and feel I can make an impact right away. Like I said I have lots of time and I am usually on 3-7 hours a day and find myself trying to help the server in any way I can. Nonetheless I’m not applying for myself but that so I can be a help to the server that I’ve been with since childhood.

Thanks for your consideration hit me up if you have any further questions and like I said I’m not doing this for me it’s for the well-being of Vnlla so I won’t be disappointed if you guys (the ownership) move in a different direction


You can contact me on discord at xNolan_#4346
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