ATTA1350's Moderator Applications

ATTA1350's Moderator Applications

Postby ATTA1350 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:58 am

Hello everyone!
My IGN is ATTA1350 and I am currently 16 years old. I’ve been playing on Vnlla for several months and have really enjoyed it. It has become more of a second home for me, somewhere where I can go to play and a place where I can trust the community.

My main reasoning to why I would like to apply for Moderator is due to the lack of administrators on during the early mornings of my time zone (BST). Although the majority of Vnlla players are from America and therefore play in American time zones respectively, there is still quite a large number of European players. Out of the 3 owners, 7 admins and 3 moderators only 1 admin is there to cover the entire group of European players. I usually play for 7+ hours per day and try to support the player community in any way I possibly can. I am also extremely impressed by how good the administrative team is on Vnlla and specifically the 3 new owners and how good of a job they have done at keeping the server running smoothly.

I have also noticed a rather large increase in player activity over the past few months which is most likely related to the Coronavirus situation. However, the increase in the number of players coincides with an increase in hackers on the server. I also try to report any hackers I find to the staff discussion chats regularly.

Thanks for your time reading this,
- ATTA1350

For further information please contact me on discord at ATTA#9659
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