Ryxn1's Moderater Application

Ryxn1's Moderater Application

Postby Ryxn1 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:50 am

Yo yo! My name's Ryan and I'm 25 years old currently living in England! I've been playing on the server for around 5-6 months now.

I held off for some time on writing an application for moderator since I didn't want to look silly since comparatively to some other players I could be considered a fledgeling; however decided
that there can't possibly be any downside to putting my name forward to help the staff team however possible if it was needed!

There's a few reasons I would consider myself more than suitable for the position, firstly being how active I am on the server, I think having an active staff presence on the server as often
as possible can (hopefully) be a healthy way of preventing some toxicity/hacking as oppose to obviously no online presences.

Being older at 25 I am responsible and mature when it calls for being responsible and mature (I'd say it's a given being mature at that age but incredibly, it is not) I think I've made
a relatively good impact on the players of Vnlla with my happy-go-lucky personality and without giving myself too much praise am pleasurable to be around!

Dedication, I feel massively dedicated and even somewhat indebted to Vnlla, it's like a home for me and I've made an incredible amount of friends and met some amazing people,
The least I could do for you guys is helping out wherever, whenever possible and would love to be given that opporunity!

I was wondering how much was actually a reasonable length for an application so checked out some others and rather it feeling like a burden to read an overly lengthy one I reckon I'll leave it here!

Thanks for reading and considering my application :heart:
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