Moderator Application (SinisterPanda) Round 2 :D

Moderator Application (SinisterPanda) Round 2 :D

Postby SinisterPanda » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:46 am

Hello Hello!

Figured since free time was more my own again that I would reapply for the position of moderator for the vnlla server :)

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to be promoted to moderator and sadly had to give it up in November due to a new job, training etc. and I couldn't put in the time and effort the position deserved. Thankfully, I have a lot more free time now and was hoping to reapply for the position as I can now give it the time and attention needed. For those unaware, I find myself to be very fair in terms of looking at things objectively and not personally, making sure that everyone has a fair chance to explain themselves and their case should they be found breaking the rules, spamming the chat etc. In the past, a lot of feedback I got on this was well received and I hope to be able to continue that level of fairness once the server resets :) I'm usually a late night person so I'd be happy to manage those types of hours and am hoping to be of help to you all once again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on discord, on the server, or here and I would be happy to elaborate on anything you may want to know. And if you'd prefer, I feel that I have become solid friends with some of the current staff and newly promoted staff so if you feel more comfortable confirming anything with them, please go ahead. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys, regardless of the decision :)

Much Love,

SinisterPanda (Dan)
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