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Postby hydragraphics » Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:56 pm

Hydragraphics here.

I have played on here, on and off, since pretty much the start of the server. I'm well over the age requirement, by a fair margin. While I was admin on Vipers Lair, I would enjoy playing as a player over here when I got tired of the toxic chat on Vipers, which in its defense was advertised as an anarchy server.. I'd like to be a moderator here, as it is kind of depressing how toxic chat has become over the years. Might be that the current direction of chat toxicity is intentional, and my being a mod and kicking/banning the toxic players wouldn't be appreciated. Fair enough, if so, but at the chance that it would be appreciated, and making the server reflect its advertised aims, thought I'd apply.

That's all.

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