Dankfibre56's moderator aplication!!:)

Dankfibre56's moderator aplication!!:)

Postby Dankfiber56 » Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:56 am

hi im dank i have been with this server for almost 2 months now,i really care about the server and the players,i am a 22 year old male.if anyone needs help i will help them in any way. :mrgreen: i will do anything for this server to grow to become one of the biggest servers in the world,
if someone is swearing at a person and the person who s getting cursed is very sad about the things the other person said, i will try to comfort
the person in anyway.i will do anything for this server, this is the best server i have ever been on, so i want to help it grow. i used to sam i dont anymore but if anyone is spamming i will tell them to stop i love this server please let me be a moderator. 8-)
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