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admin application

Postby axarin » Sun Apr 05, 2020 5:51 pm

I am 16 years old, and live in Denmark. I have some experienxe as staff on other servers, and i think i would fit well in The server ataff team. I have been playing since early beta and have been playing on many multiplayer servers.

I love the minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I as everyone has bad times and am harsh sometimes. I don't rage, if I were to leave any server staff team, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow up or grief the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team.

I have been staff on a few of my servers, and I had a moderator position on finksaloncraft, a 30 slot public server hosted by CreeperHost in the UK. It was a bit successful and had a fair amount of players everyday, but I didn't like the way the owners were treating the problems and members of the server. (They were letting the the staff members do all the work and then taking all the credit themselves) and I didn't like the fact that the chose the worst staff members possible, almost of all of them corrupt. I was also a admin on fetchaim, a small 25 slot which usually had 9-15 users on avg. and 1-3 staff on at one time. It was a fun community, and it helped me gain much more good experience, but it was shut down do to lack of players and lack of good staff (most of them were leaving because they wanted to become staff on a bigger server and they couldn't picture the server growing). The owner of the server were very nice, and i had a great experience as a admin on fetchaim. It shut down about the week ago at the time i am creating this application.

i am really hoping i could be accepted, and i would like to be a member of your server.
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