DanJayMmkay (SinisterPanda) Moderator Application

DanJayMmkay (SinisterPanda) Moderator Application

Postby SinisterPanda » Sun May 24, 2020 8:54 pm

Hey All,

This isn't my first time submitting one of these but I have had a tendency to be on again, off again with the server in the past. I've been around Vnlla for close to 4 years or so now and would love to continue being a positive force to those on the server. Those who know me know I am level headed, easy to get along with and work well with others and have done so successfully in the past with you guys. I'm free the majority of each and every week, so being able to maintain that the server is being played on properly will not be an issue.

I hope you take this into consideration and hope to hear back from you guys soon or when in need of someone

Dan Jay (Formerly SinisterPanda)
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