33Q moderator application

33Q moderator application

Postby 33Q » Tue May 26, 2020 4:52 am

Yes well hello,

my name is 33Q and I'm 17 years old ive been part of this server for over 3 years and id say ive been an active part of the community.
lately ive taken a break from vnlla but now im back, and id like to apply for moderator.
i wanna be moderator because i feel that i know enough about this server to answer pretty much every question someone may have.
during the quarantine i will probably be online for 3-5 hours a day (i literally dont have anything else to do) and when school begins probably around 2 hours a day.
if you need to contact me my discord is 33Q#4203, im very active there.

with kind regards, 33Q
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