Blarnix's Moderator Application

Blarnix's Moderator Application

Postby Blarnix » Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:28 pm

Hey Admins and Staff,

I'm Blarnix, a 17 year old from Maine and I believe I would be a great moderator for these reasons. First, I believe that I am able to fairly ban and moderate without letting personal emotion come into contact with any professional work quite successful. I also make sure any racial, sex based or age based bias is not an option whatsoever, therefore I am able to bring justice to people no matter what group they might be apart of, and keep the punishments or pardons the same no matter whomever.

Secondary, I believe that I am a pretty decent person, apart from a fake ego I might put on or any weird 'jokes' I might make on the occasion. And I'm fully transparent, I am apart of the republic and the former 'Luigi Gang'. But this shouldn't be a problem, given some mods already part of different factions being mods currently.

Lastly, I believe that I'm a great candidate because I am able to help the server and possibly bring balance to a lot of things, I think that I'm able to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and that everyone is enjoying their time. I've been a pacifist most of the time on the server, not participating in many raids. I've never insided anyone and I've never betrayed anyone to my knowledge, so I think that I could be of great benefit to the server.

I appreciate your time and I love this server, I'm so thankful for everyone who's make this server run the way it has. Even though I may be new, I'm still able to hold the values of the server to a high regard, whilst not applying my own.

Thank you for your consideration, my Discord is blarnix#2008 if you'd like to know more or contact me. (and no my profile picture isn't my dog)
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