UHC 2016 Rules (Official)

UHC 2016 Rules (Official)

Postby Azzap2001 » Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:54 am

Hey Guys, these are the official rules for UHC in 2016, expect some new ones from time to time but these will be the rules.

1.All PvP Server Rules apply here
2.Do not use Hacked Clients or X-Ray texture packs
3.Do not sky base or build up into the sky, it will result in a disqualification
4.Do not cross team (Team with other teams or teaming with other people in a solo round)
You can truce with other players (truceing is where you see a player but leave them and run away, no one can benefit from it)
5.Strip mining is NOT allowed
6. Nether Portal Trapping is NOT allowed. (This means placing lava or blocks around the portal preventing them from leaving the portal unharmed.)
7.Do not log out while in combat, upon logging in you will be killed, multiple offences may result in a ban.
8.Once you die in the game, do not give away information about the game, GG is allowed but anything else about the game is strictly forbidden
9.Team speak users must move to the spectator channel once you die.
If you have any questions, please ask a admin for help and most importantly HAVE FUN! :D

Rules may be altered or added so do be wary.
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