Is minecraft dying?

Is minecraft dying?

Postby BaochaosHD » Mon May 01, 2017 10:37 pm

Hey. Some of you may remember me. I was banned around a year ago, but fortunately am not forum locked. Thank god I can still talk to you guys! I remember most of you. There were so many characters here, and fond memories. This isn't a ban appeal, I am just prospering on memories, a concept of human nature. I haven't really played minecraft since, as Vnlla was the only server I felt was not teeming with 8-yr old Wannabe PopularMMOS, or whoever the hell the kids watch today. I haven't kept track of updates since I stopped playing. What do you guys and gals think of the situation of minecraft as a whole. I remember when it wasn't popular, It wasn't a kids game, so to speak. But as with the Arctic Monkeys and Joy Division (get where I'm coming from?)....

-It's popular, so it succs! (Get what I did there!)

BHD, signing out!
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Re: Is minecraft dying?

Postby Phalanx » Wed May 03, 2017 1:58 am

I'll say that Minecraft (and this server) hit its peak 2 years ago and has been declining slowly ever since.

The thing is, the peak was so high, it has a LONG way to go down. At the rate things are going, I'd estimate that this server has about 1 year left in it.

If anything, the owners and staff work way too hard to keep it going so well, and I am generally sad that they might be pumping such a massive effort into a slowly-dying game, and they may end up feeling that their huge efforts might be toward a diminishing player base (Not in number of players, Vnlla still gets plenty of those, more so in the overall effort and camaderie of players).

I hope I'm wrong about this, for sure, but I felt a palpable decline all throughout 2016, and it led to my overall frustration (many people here know what happened). It would suck really bad to see such all of SnowProper and his staff's hard work end up going to waste somehow.

SnowProper even built a MASSIVE awesome casino, yet the decline continued anyway. And then a new map came, and the casino was gone. SnowProper and his people put so much effort into that casino.

This server was so ALIVE in spring/summer 2015. I was there, and I felt it. It was the biggest video gaming experience of my life. And after much consideration and examination, I have NO reason to believe that it will ever reach that height again, also with the hope that I'm also incorrect about this, and perhaps the people of Vnlla/Mojang can surprise the people that still play.
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Re: Is minecraft dying?

Postby DigsLove » Wed May 03, 2017 2:05 am

we all die.
one day
Good bye.
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