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Ban Appeal - Chad_Bonogees

Postby Chad_Bonogees » Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:26 pm

My IGN: Chad_Bonogees

Date Banned: Early 2017 (About 10 months ago).

Reason for Ban
: Fly Hacking.

What Happened:: I am not denying that I used fly hacks. The ban was just and deserved. I've been playing minecraft since 2011, and never cheated up until 2017. The reasons for these were me not knowing how to download a client, and being to lazy to figure it out. Around January 2017 I got genuinely bored with the game, and decided to finally get a hacked client out of curiosity since I never hacked before and wanted to try something new on minecraft.
When I got the hacked client (I think the client was called "aristois" but I don't know for sure) in early 2017, I started to hack on all the servers I played. This was mainly due to me being bored of the game at the time, and no longer caring. I tried to use the hacked client on the main servers I played, but was unable due to the extremely strong Anti-Cheats. So I looked for Vanilla servers who might not have a good Anti-Cheat to hack on, when I came across this server. I got online with my client, and started to fly hack around spawn like an idiot, and was banned in under 60 seconds.

Why I'm Appealing: During my hacker phase on minecraft about 10 months ago, I was banned on all of my favorite servers. I was an idiot. I am not going to make any excuses for what I did. I messed up and was punished fairly. Right now, I am asking for a second chance. My "hacking phase" has been over since Spring 2017, and I have no clients on my PC (I got a new PC back in July and didn't download any clients due to me not wanting to hack anymore).
Since I stopped hacking, I've mainly been Pvping on 1.7 PotPvP and HCF (Hardcore Factions) servers, and playing Hypixel. Recently I've been having the urge to go back to playing Vanilla Survival as I used to when I first got minecraft, but sadly all the Vanilla Survival servers I used to play shut down. I went back onto the minecraft server website to look for new Vanilla Survival servers to play, when I came across this server again. The description of the server perfectly matched what type of server I wanted to play, but when I tried to log onto the server I couldn't since I was banned, which made me remember the hacking spree I went on a while back.
I genuinely want to play your server legit, like I used to play minecraft in 2011-2013. What I did last year to get me banned was stupid. I have no excuses for it. I have learned from my mistakes, and no longer hack. I have matured as a person since then, and will not make the stupid mistakes that I made on your server last year.

Thank you for reading and I hope you considering unbanning me.
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Re: Ban Appeal - Chad_Bonogees

Postby DryGaming » Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:31 pm

Sorry but we do not pardon hackers.

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