Nethock Ban Appeal

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Nethock Ban Appeal

Postby Nethock » Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:23 am

heyo i was flyhacking, I want to keep playing so that I can make fun of the faggots who shout YodaGang in chat
if you unban me, I will stop flying around like the general populace before isaac newton came to be.
I want to play for the purpose of getting rid of the YodaGang redditor losers
honestly dude you can't tell me you like them
this are like full pimple freak kids in the back
of your german class, they browse reddit all day
I referenced one of their reddit accounts and they
got so embarrassed they deleted all their posts.
My goal is not to hack, but to destroy the reddit cringe.
If I am unbanned I will continue to use chat as a means of being toxic to these kids, but I will not fly around anymore

edit: they started the toxicity not me, I'm just returning fire
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Re: Nethock Ban Appeal

Postby arcticghost » Wed Jul 22, 2020 4:40 pm

Congrats on posting what may be the worst appeal I've seen in my years as admin on this server!

Not only do you admit to doxxing and toxicity, which I didn't even ban you for, you were banned for fly hacks which I couldn't pardon you for even if you somehow convinced me to feel sorry for you. I'm not sure what you expect when you also admit that you'd continue to break our rules if we let you back.

Appeal denied.
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