Ban Appeal for Spam

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Ban Appeal for Spam

Postby VoidStarzZHD » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:26 pm

Username: VoidStarzZHD
Ban Reason: "You were banned for spam"

Description: Around 5pm, one of my friends, (dylan_man) was being barraded by insults by Tannerpi, so I joined in to defend my friend. At one point my Tannerpi had said something to my friend dylan_man, but I don't recall exactly. My response to this was "Your wilding" or something close to that. However, for the word wilding I spaced it out into one letter messages. "W I L D I N G". After I sent the g, I wanted to reassure everyone I was not trying to spam. However, I was banned instantly before I could even begin to chat.

I apologize for my actions and any confusion I may have caused with my spaced out message. I will avoid causing this kind of situation at all from here on out. My friends, family and I love the server so far and I would love if I could get unbanned and get back onto the server and continue to have fun.
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Re: Ban Appeal for Spam

Postby DigsLove » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:46 pm

You were banned by our auto anti spam system. Please be more careful next time.
Good bye.
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