KingBowser/SakuraHaruno24's Ban Appeal

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KingBowser/SakuraHaruno24's Ban Appeal

Postby KingBowser24 » Tue May 01, 2018 7:30 pm

It looks like I have been banned today for using Slowfall.

Username: SakuraHaruno24

I was playing on another server that allows hacks, got off for a bit, leaving Minecraft open, then came back and logged onto Vnlla, forgetting to deactivate my hacked client. Apparently I still had slowfall, or "Glide" as my client calls it active. However, i didn't realize this until I ran down a hill at my base and unintentionally started gliding. I thought to myself "Why am i falling so slow?" and it was a few moments before i realized I forgot to switch off my hacked version. I quickly deactivated my hacks after that, but I must've been caught at the right moment. I had no other hacks active besides slowfall before turning them off.

As a longtime player here, Im well aware you guys dont normally pardon people who were banned for hacks. However, I made a mistake by being forgetful, and this has never happened before. Once I realized I still had my client active I shut it off and continued to play normally. This is my favorite server and i love this community, so I hope I can be considered for pardon sometime soon. As for my mistake, Ill make sure that never happens again if I get pardoned.


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Re: KingBowser/SakuraHaruno24's Ban Appeal

Postby VIBlackDragonIV » Thu May 03, 2018 1:32 am

Alright I've thought about this for a good bit. I saw everything I needed to in making sure you definitely had glide on, but I could also tell you weren't deliberately using it to your advantage i.e. jumping from lethal heights and avoiding damage. I also couldn't confirm that you really turned off the glide, but like I said before you didn't seem to be abusing it and it only happened as you logged onto the server. Normally when I see people claim they "forgot" to turn off their hacked clients it falls in the excuse of "I didn't mean to leave my xray on and mine 20 diamonds..." which is pretty silly no matter how you look at it. The best analogy I can think of is telling a cop who pulled you over that the open beer in the cup holder was left in there by accident from a friend who you dropped off a couple blocks ago. Even if that is the truth the cop doesn't know that and you are pretty much screwed anyways. All that being said you need to be more careful and I'm making my own personal call to pardon you. I'm going to trust you to not make this mistake again.

TL;DR - Pardoned + Don't let it happen again
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