1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Lucifer_Sam » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:58 pm

TL;DR: This farm works in 1.13. It puts out lots of xp and drops. If you build it, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Gallery ---> https://imgur.com/a/TXsFYPo

This gallery shows how to construct the farm. It requires a lot of time and care up front, but when it's done, the reward is well worth the effort. To my knowledge, it is unrivaled by other designs for efficiency, output, ease of use, and mindfulness of lag. The redstone is much simpler than the version featured in SkunkyBass' 1.11 video. The portals require 18,134 obsidian, or 5 double chests, 13 stacks, and 22, which are best obtained with Efficiency V, Haste II, and a good team. Get it in The End if you dare, or at Y 11, if you must.

Here are some other details about the build.

XP output:
From 0 to 30 levels in 1 minute, 15 seconds
Get 225 level 30 enchantments per hour (1 every 16 seconds)
Mend 33 durability per second (Mend a pick from 1 to 1561 in 47 seconds)

Gold output:
In auto or "off" mode: About 500 ingots per hour
In manual mode, using Looting III: About 2000 ingots per hour (3.5 stacks of blocks)

Flesh output:
Almost as much as your mom.

Entity counts:
About 130, typically ranging between 115 and 145
Rare spikes above 150 when "off", due to orbs/mob drops resting on trapdoors in the cactus chute. These do not cause server lag, and eventually despawn. Similar spikes may occur during manual kill mode, also due to drops and orbs.
If player fails to kill pigmen in manual mode, standard mob cramming setting will keep entities around 225. Use the farm responsibly.
In auto mode, jockeys gradually build up on the kill slabs. In manual mode, chickens from drowned jockeys build up on the layer of water that breaks the pigmen's fall. These normally have a neglible effect on entity count, but indefinite afk at the farm is not recommended. Again, use the farm responsibly.

Y levels for the build:
Output platform: 171
Lower cactus: 178
Upper cactus: 181
Player xp platform: 180
Kill hoppers: 181
Kill slabs: 182 (lower half)
Water layer for manual mode: 204
Floor of drop toggle: 206
Floor of funnel: 209
Lower portal floor: 211
Lower portal ceiling/Upper portal floor: 232
Upper portal ceiling: 254
Glass, slabs, torches, or other lighting on top of farm (prevents mob spawning): 255

Y levels for the aggro tube:
Bottom snowman stands on 219
Middle snowman stands on 222. This level also includes a lower slab where the pigmen drop, and soul sand for the bubble column.
Top snowman stands on a trapdoor at the bottom of 225. This level also includes a single water source to break the fall of the named pigmen.
Sign stopping the water in the pigman drop: 238
Top floor of the aggro tube: 242
Top water in the bubble column: 243
Ceiling of aggro tube: 245

Words of caution:
1. Always turn the farm off when a player is not at the kill chute to collect orbs. Otherwise, framerate will fall, making play difficult.
2. Be mindful of the chunk loading radius and select a site where the gold farm will either be entirely loaded or unloaded. High above an ocean away from other destinations is usually a good spot. If some portals are active, but the central aggro tube remains unloaded, pigman count will climb into the thousands, causing lag when the player approaches the farm output area. If you accidentally cause this situation, quickly tp away to clear the mobs. Portal floors within a 128 block spherical radius of the player will be active and spawn pigmen.
3. Encase "dummy" portals on the nether side to contain aggro pigmen that might pass back into the nether. Build player portals far enough from the gold farm so that they do not link to it. (You'll have to use f3 and a little math.)
4. DO NOT BUILD IN A BIOME THAT MELTS SNOW GOLEMS. That would be embarrassing.
5. Have snow golems and named pigmen in the aggro tube and your overflow-protected sorting system and waste disposal units built and tested before lighting the portals. It is difficult to build or repair these after the portals are lit.
6. Y levels for the portals floors and aggro tube must be exact, so that all pigmen are within the aggro radius, which is a cylinder centered on the attacked named pigman, 21 blocks high and 64 blocks in diameter. Do not exceed a diameter of 63 blocks for the portals. Note that the lower set of portals MUST be 1 block shorter than maximum height (20 obsidian high, not 21), or else half of the pigmen your farm spawns will be outside the aggro radius. The lower slab at the bottom of the named pigman drop chute assures that babies in the lower portals are also aggro'd.
7. When it is time to light the portals, use temporary paths 3 blocks above the portal floors so that the pigmen cannot reach you. Be sure you leave yourself a path out of the farm as you light the portals. Have a bucket of water ready in case you make a mistake. LIGHT THE LOWER PORTALS FIRST!
8. Some servers use plugins that might sometimes despawn hostile mobs, even named ones. In such cases, it is possible to modify the design, such as with an automatic aggro tube replenishment system, but the specific modifications required will depend on the server. If in doubt, ask the owner/staff before building, and test your modifications in creative first. Also, some servers do not allow overworld gold farms. Those servers suck. Do not play on them.

Optional upgrades:
1. Add sorting slices to retain additional items: cactus, chicken (raw and cooked), and feathers.
2. Add sorting streams to eliminate or delay hopper clogs when using Looting III.
3. Build other farms nearby to increase wealth acquisition while gold farm is in use. Examples include an auto-sugar farm and a villager breeder. Just watch your total entity count.
4. Keep a cleric or two near the output so you can trade flesh and gold for emeralds.
5. If you are allowed more than 150 entities in an area, you can easily double the size of this design. Simply build the player area lower, and replicate the two portal layers and their aggro tube on top. The hollow core of the lower two portals should be 1 block wider in all 4 directions, to prevent pigmen from dying by fall damage before reaching the collection hoppers. Definitely add sorting streams if you do this. I have a version like this on another server with 6 streams, and it still eventually gets clogged when using Looting III.
6. You can even add a 5th portal layer, with its own aggro tube, for even more output. The addition of a 6th portal layer is possible, but not recommended. Its floor would be outside the 128 block radius for activation, unless the player platform and lowest portal layer are modified. Also, xp orb output exceeds the rate at which the player is able to absorb them.
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Froedyr » Wed Jul 25, 2018 6:00 pm

Bless you, Lucifer. I'll make it this map too, thanks a lot for the pro advice ^^
- Froedyr
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby skunkybass » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:33 pm

Let’s make a tutorial video
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby SnowProper » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:05 am

Christ Sam. Never seen more exact directions than this. Ikea would be wise to hire you.
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Lucifer_Sam » Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:01 pm

Frogger: You know how eager I am to share the wealth. Enjoy!

Skunkybass: Definitely. Would you rather do this sub-150 entity version, or go all out and do a version that yields maximum xp? I don’t think there is any other xp farm, in overworld, nether, or the End that could beat it in levels per second.

Snow: It’s Lucifer Sam, not Christ Sam, tyvm. In my line of work, it’s a delicate balance between providing too little detail, or too much, which risks overwhelming and confusing the audience. Regardless, it seems there is always someone out there who will derp it up. When it comes to overworld gold farms, a minor oversight can result in a majorly broken farm and hours of fixing. I know this through bitter experience.
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Froedyr » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:54 pm

Building in a msuhroom biome is viable, right?

- Froedyr
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby skunkybass » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:05 pm

5am, let’s do the sub 150 entity and just add that you can add another platform. Hit me up on discord.
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Froedyr » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:15 pm

Add me too, Lucifer, I miss you ^^ #Froedyr2822
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Sandpaper » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:25 pm

Me too Lucifer! Sand Boi#0669
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Postby m_dog_ » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:00 pm

sandman <3 no homo no soft shit
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