1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Lucifer_Sam » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:53 pm

Froedyr wrote:Building in a msuhroom biome is viable, right?

- Froedyr

It should be, FroYo, but I’ve not tested in 1.13. I did build one on a mushroom island in 1.11, and it worked fine. However, there were problems with zombies glitch-spawning on the island surface, which was annoying, since there was no natural regen on the server, and it spoiled any plans for a villager trading center. I do not know if 1.13 has fixed this issue. However, it might not be a big problem on vnlla. Owner at the time had tampered with tick rates or some such nonsense. The result was vastly increased pigman spawning and, I presume, proportional exacerbation of the zombie glitch.
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Froedyr » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:06 pm

Why are you using water funnel mechanics this time instead of water free farm?
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Re: 1.13 Gold Farm: How to build

Postby Lucifer_Sam » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:21 am

Froedyr wrote:Why are you using water funnel mechanics this time instead of water free farm?

The farm cannot be water free, since the bubble column in the aggro tube is critical. The water toggle is also necessary, to direct pigmen to xp or cactus chute. The water funnel is not strictly necessary, though eliminating it would reduce manual kill output due to the upper deck pigmen dying by fall damage before the player can kill them. Furthermore, since the design is intended to be expandable, the funnel assures that pigmen from the upper expansions do not die before even getting to the chutes. Finally, pigmen do sometimes fail to finish tracking the golems, so the funnel makes sure that once they make it to the core, they will go where they should.

To maximize output and minimize entities, you must reduce the time between spawning and death as much as possible. This was one of the principles behind the funnel-less design in the video, where pigmen sprinted directly to the kill trough. Water does convey pigman more slowly than they can sprint. If you want to improve the output to entity ratio, the 1.13 design could be streamlined by nixing the funnel and just having a 5 block wide toggle. Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of this just now without your question, so thanks!

While we’re considering ways to squeeze a bit more from the design, do note that a more cylindrical pattern increases spawning. For this variant, I’ve referred to a website called plotz to frame the portals so that all purple portal blocks are within a 63 block diameter circle. The 16-gon pattern is simply easier to build and better looking, though there is a slight loss of obby efficiency.

If you are strictly looking to maximize xp within a 150 entity limit, you could just let pigmen fall directly from the inner edges of the portals to a player platform below, and just go without manual kill or an off switch. You’d want to have a home set right at the xp output, and you wouldn’t want to stray from there at all while the farm is loaded. I wouldn’t feel safe without an off switch, though.

Edit: I looked into eliminating the funnel and just going with a wider toggle, but some pigmen would end up falling through the water into the xp chute when they should be going to the cactus chute. There might be some little tweaks that could make a modest improvement to the design, but I truly believe this is very nearly the best output a player can achieve with under 150 entities. Old suffocation version gave 30 levels in 90 seconds. This one does the same in 75 seconds. By the way, Froby, I heard you built a gold farm and it already got raided. This makes me sad.
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