Vnlla movie

Vnlla movie

Postby CrabCrabb » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:59 am

A long time ago I wanted to make a movie about this server. I never finished it because fuck, making 3 minutes of footage took at least a month of editing, animating, texturing, and rendering. Overall it was just pretty cringe so I stopped.

The next year after, I found that in my media studies class, our coursework was going to be a short film title sequence. This along with a bunch of essays and shit would make up 50% of our grade. So I was like damn I lucked tf out. I told my teacher I was going to make a Minecraft movie and I just reused the old footage I made for the vnlla movie.

I got an A. Pretty dope tbh. I'm just glad that this work went to something productive. I just thought i would share. Snow said it would be a crime to not post this here/

Tony Leondis and Eric Seagle are the directors of the emoji movie. The assignment needed us to put real names in the title sequence
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