Ban Appeal: My friend (JojiEP) was banned for x-ray

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Ban Appeal: My friend (JojiEP) was banned for x-ray

Postby Maz0100 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:48 am

I have read through forums, I have played on the server. I acknowledge that x-ray is this big taboo, that it is oh so impossible to allow to be unbanned from, but... It's so easy? A few of my friends, were able to log in to the server with no issue using xrays. Of course, I'm sure what you guys can detect varies, but we didn't come to cheat. We told those friends no destroying things, no cheating, no typical chaos that applies to some of my friends. Because god knows that once one person's house gets messed up, everyones gonna start griefing.. However, one of my friends, who had died on server couldn't find his items, so what did he do? Without thinking, he used xray, thought nothing of it, then he was banned. Of course, he knew his mistake, but your forums are strict on the ban appeal, so he didn't go on to post.

Now, I'm here because I didn't believe him. "What's the point of mods then lol" I come here to find every appeal for xray has been denied. I find it ridiculous that such a lazy tact is implemented. And that's what it is. You'd rather not watch out for another incident of hacking, so instead of listening to what anyone has to say you can simply reply "Oops no ban appeals for hackers uwu have a nice day" Might as well install 10 year olds for mods if you guys can't think with common sense and use intuition. Reading the forums provides evidence to that statement since bad behavior and poor apologies are easily excused whilst reason falls short when it has anything to do with a a true mistake (mostly regarding Rule. 1). If being a mod takes so little effort, then, if exercising my free speech and opinion here doesn't get me banned, I could easily become a mod and put in ten times the effort of anyone here without batting an eye.

Minimap mods are pretty frequently used as well, and I doubt anyone would realize it's cheating to use one on your server, maybe they aren't even against the rules, I'm not sure if it says anything about that clearly, since they're not really an unfair advantage from my point of view. But they also have a show death feature. Just putting it out there.

Anyways, I apologize for getting off track (The 10 year old bit and onward was me being spiteful) and being blunt, but I have invited 12 total friends onto this server, we have all have put in a fair share of effort towards our builds in the server, we play after work, we play in between games of league, it's a fun pastime and we really enjoy the server and it's community. However, we are not the type of friends to abandon someone. If he'd cheated to cheat, then that's his own fault. But he really enjoyed himself and never meant to break the rules (which are discreet as hell and totally not helpful to new players unused to commands. I didn't even know you guys had a rules until ON A WHIM, typed "/help". Not to mention I couldn't find the discord since there's no command I saw to display it, nor would anyone in the server tell me (just gotta wait x hours for the server to tell me right?)).

If it gives me any credibility at all, I have been a mod for several communities for several games (I mean that in a way that isn't me flexing my no life, just meaning to say I'm not ignorant on running a community). I completely understand following guidelines, sticking to moderating in whatever way the owner, or whoever has decided, especially if it works. But.. Then there's no point for mods. Intuition is a big part of why these things are better suited to a living person somewhere playing the game and responding accordingly than an automated response to cheating, hostility, spam (to a degree), etc.

Thank you to whoever is taking the time to read this, and withstood me being slightly condescending. You need to say what you gotta say sometimes. I'm sure with the amount of people you deal with, you can understand. I know I'm pretty gluttonous here, but I would also appreciate a solid response with perhaps an opportunity to respond once more, rather than "Sorry, no can do, bye~!"

This last part you can skip if you feel the need since it's simply me adding to the rest of this word storm, and doesn't really push my point any further, but I thought I'd say it just in case:
Edit: One last thing, you might figure to deny this as well because of the whole Rule 1 "no fair advantage"
1. No where is there an obvious display of the rules. My friends and I hardly ever play minecraft. The last time we all got together and played was in a minecraft realm. Your rules might be obvious to those who play minecraft a lot, but not to those of us who barely realize you could sethome after a week... Not that I mean to say it isn't common sense, but I assumed the server had no anticheat, so the main rules would be nothing of the extreme, such as accumulating a mass amount of materials by cheating, or destroying/pvp with cheats.

2. An unfair advantage is xraying for diamonds, extra speed or damage, abilities to have one over on the average player. Basically, doing something far more efficiently than possible for someone else. That's how I view it. So
A) Your rules are unclear as the first one is subjective. If there was more insight to it on the forums, or even a clear way to get to the forums from your server and find more details on the rules, then my point would be void, however that's not the case. Either the rules are completely not present on the forums, or they're just not very accessible.
B) Finding a place of death using a mod/hack is not a clear advantage. I would even consider it simply quality of life. Much like a chest organizer mod, or like I mentioned before, the minimap mod. They're not really an advantage per se. They make things less taxing, but if say Player X dies and goes to grab his stuff using a mod, and Player Y dies and cannot find his stuff due to not having the mod, for both instances, this is just a lack of skill, effort, and/or time spent on the game. One would simply need to press F3 for all the info something like that would give.

TL;DR - Since "short an concise" is preferred.
My friend was banned for xraying. His intent was just to find his items when he had died. It was a genuine mistake. Of course, you guys don't allow for appeals on these matters. I understand that it matters little what I think of of that, but I find it a tad excessive to allow no possibility of return. Moderators exist for moderating the server to provide everyone with the best possible enjoyment of the server. He's a reasonable person, and I believe myself to be the same (I know I'm a bit over zealous with my viewpoints, but I am not too immature to understand valid reasoning). I would prefer not to migrate my entire group from the server, since, at that point, I'd rather just not play MC. In that way, I'm lazy. Thanks again.
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Re: Ban Appeal: My friend (JojiEP) was banned for x-ray

Postby m_dog_ » Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:55 am

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