Ban appeal. Banned for xray.

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Ban appeal. Banned for xray.

Postby Nooraaa » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:09 pm

Hi, my username is Nooraaa.
I have noticed a post that should just be below mine, explaining the server's poor quality mods, and the lack of effort to go through xray ban appeals. However after reading it, which was a very long tedious read. I decided i'd try my best anyway, as I don't possess any sort of xray mods, xray texture packs, or anything of the sort. The only thing that is altered in my mine-craft is optifine, (Which is disabled anyway, as I only have forge 1.12.2) and a tweak in the options files, in which you can have full bright by altering the gamma. (Which admittedly is to enhance my ability to see any ores in attempt to not miss them, which is possibly an unfair advantage, however, is not any sort of hack, or mod, and is not highlighted as such in the rules.)

Before I begin to explain why I feel this is an unfair ban, I shall post this here, just in case the mods have forgotten what they have wrote.

**Do not claim that the staff is wrong for banning you, we felt we were right at the time. However, the ban appeal section is your place to voice your opinion on the matter, and we will take your opinion seriously. I can promise you this.**

A ban appeal however is a claim that the staff is wrong for banning you, or in some cases an apology, so I apologize for going against that first part of the statement, but the rest is valid as I continue my ban appeal.

Now please take my opinion seriously, and let me voice my opinion, keep a promise, if it means anything.
I am very fond of this server. When I got invited, I invited other friends and enjoyed it with them, built a cozy little house in a hillside and hidden secrets within that house. Lovely.
Anyway, I digress, I would not do anything to ruin my lovely little house, or misplace my little secrets. I did not xray. I began to dig down to create a strip mine next to my little house, and begun my mining expedition. I started finding diamonds in double figures and got excited as I could make an enchantment table and share the diamonds with friends. I decided after getting about 20 i'd leave the mine. I started to dig a stairway up as I had forgotten where I came in from, and decided it'd be easier that way, not wanting to spend my exp so close to home, as I dug up I ran into another small vein of diamonds and thought lady luck was so tightly on my side, happy i'd found some more before leaving the mine, I began to dig them up, and then, my game froze, and I saw in chat that I had been 'banhammered'. Shocked I attempted to join back convinced it was an accident of sorts, only to find I had been banned for xray. I could understand why I had been though, finding so many diamonds triggers a warning to the admins, (I used to mod most the time on many servers). So I had assumed I was being watched anyway, I can understand why I have been banned, but I can also assure you, that this was not a case of xray, it is possibly a misunderstanding, and I'm asking you to hear me out and understand my opinion why I feel as though I was not rightfully banned.

Now, even if I do not get un-banned, I ask a favour, not just from me, from quite a few of us that have voiced opinions to me. If you deny a thread, it'd be lovely if you could reason why you have done so.(I notice most staff do this, but i think it should be part of the staff's training or whatever, to do this with every post) It's only fair after we have reasoned to you and took the time to attempt to get un-banned. After-all, why would we try so hard to get un-banned if we didn't care? So it'd be lovely, even if this is denied, to see a nice, Denied [Reason]. It doesn't take too long to type a reason, and shows more professionalism from the staff, which is lovely to see as a player, and is usually what you see on more popular servers, as they actually care about their members, even the hackers, to send them off nicely. So, if I remain banned, please at-least try a little harder for your members, even the ones you have chosen to exile, and especially the ones you chose to un-ban. Also, attempt to train your staff on what xray looks like.

Thanks for your time with reading this :). If I do not get unbanned, and there is anyone from the server that knows me reading this, I hope you continue to enjoy the server, and appreciate the true vanilla of the server.
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Re: Ban appeal. Banned for xray.

Postby Frankie_Jones » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:28 pm

I 100% know you were xraying as I watched you dig straight to a couple veins of diamond, then you dug straight to the diamond ores I had placed away from your strip mining. Your long, drawn out post isn't going to change my mind on this. Your appeal is denied & locked.
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