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Postby Supedup » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:27 am

I'm not making this post here as a typical ban appeal. I fully understand why I was banned and I fully agree that I deserve it. Late last week, I was raided using a TPA kill on my teammate. It devastating and took us from decently geared with a guardian farm back to nothing. I got angry over being raided and wanted revenge, and I frankly let my anger cloud my better judgement, and I very much regret it. I used X-Ray in order to get loads of diamonds quickly with the intent of using it to get myself up to the same level we were at before the raid. As much as I want to be unbanned, I understand why I deserve to stay banned. I'm sorry for hacking on this server, and frankly don't think I should be unbanned. I just wanted to apologize for the stupid things that I did and explain why I did them. Goodbye, and thank you for hosting such an amazing server. Again, I'm very sorry for hacking on probably the greatest server I've ever played on, but I understand why I was banned and why I must stay banned.
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Re: X-Ray

Postby Hobbs » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:08 am

Sorry for your loss. Do know we are working on a fix. Tho I cannot guarantee compensation for the exploit used on you, a little patience may have resulted in possible compensation at some point, tho... maybe not. I personally cannot say for certain as it is not up to me.
Now while I do appreciate the honesty, once we know someone is capable of hacking and has the willing to use it in any situation, we cannot trust that they wouldn't do it again at some point, therefore, under any circumstances we cannot pardon those who use hacks/exploits/or xray on our server. Sorry friend, and do know that I wish I could pardon you considering the circumstances.
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