My response/ban appeal.

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My response/ban appeal.

Postby Tyteus » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:37 am

Hi. So I made a ban appeal yesterday, and it got denied. Obviously it did, because I forgot I even used that account. That account was a mcleaks temp account I went onto and trolled my friend with on the server. Now, regardless if that even was my alt, 2 years ago? There's no sufficient evidence I ever used hacks... Like ima be straight up with you guys.. I remember that day, I remember I was pvping and I didn't even have any clients LOL. Not forge, not fabric, no type of client. Like I'm being for real, I literally did not use crit hacks, what the heck? If anything I was the only one in that arena dying over and over again by the other player. And I'm the one to get banned?? Really man? I was the only one playing legit. And I remember at the time, the server's tps was low and people we're lagging. So maybe the staff who banned me saw an illusion rather than actual reality of the situation? Idk man. But whatever the case may be, there's no evidence to ever clarify I was doing anything dirty on the server. And in this case... evidence trumps assumptions by a lot. Because this entire ban is based off assumptions and non-logical solutions, I still don't understand why I'm banned? In-case you didn't know what "assume" means, here's the definition. basically it means it's your own personal opinion. This ban with all the assumptions is basically the same thing as saying, "I found a gun in my back yard and I think it was my neighbor." See? There's no evidence or logical placement for who's gun that was. It's the same thing for this Minecraft ban. Your assuming I have crit hacks, when I actually don't. Like why? Why even use that crap in pvp. Isn't the whole purpose of Minecraft is to have fun & not cheat? Like come on now, I'm sure there's a well-known player on this server that actually cheats in pvp, and Staff don't think they do. Staff just ASSUME they don't because their well-known and know people. And I know for a fact, Staff are going to respond to this with some short excuse and then say "appeal denied" because they don't want to face the fact this ban is a assumption without proof & they know it. I literally just want to join the server to play an nostalgic feel of the game before I leave for college and begin my life. But of course, Minecraft staff gotta pull their bullshit all the time with some lame ass assumption. I really don't care whether or not you guys believe me. The reality of the situation is in my mind and I think it's ridiculous how Staff ban players just off a little ounce of supposed "cheats". Like if you see someone obviously using cheats, ban them. But just because you think you saw something, doesn't mean its real. I understand the Staff's mindset on this server "oh once they get banned for cheats, we can give any excuse and deny it, because we 100% know their hacking" when in reality, you guys never provide evidence, logs, logical solutions, nothing. Just assumptions. You're still a player on Minecraft, you can give assumptions & your own opinions. But being Staff is a greater & more professional job on a server. The guy pays for it every month & wants his staff to be on top of their game. Being Staff means you provide some sort of proof, or logical explanation. Not just some excuse like "I saw you using crit hacks, appeal denied." like what? I'm trying to play on the freaking server man. This isn't some mind game. I understand I'm just a player and have no power regardless of what I say. I just hope you guys understand that this ban is a full on assumption & not true. Maybe one day you will improve your place in Staff & become more logical. You wonder why all the big servers have so many players on them? Oh maybe it's because the Staff on their actually don't assume and provide real evidence & logical explanations for things. Thats why players continue to populate the server, they see the server fit enough & worth playing on without getting banned for some bullshit they never did. Hopefully this server will be that one day. Good day mates.

IGN in-case for some miraculous decision of me being pardoned. Doubt I will because obviously Vnlla Staff's assumptions are more superior to anyone else's. IGN: Tyteus
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Re: My response/ban appeal.

Postby Frankie_Jones » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:00 pm

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