Ban appeal spacestation302 voxelmap

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Ban appeal spacestation302 voxelmap

Postby spacestation302 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:21 am

Hello I will try and keep this short... so yesterday I was playing and I mentioned in chat that I had voxelmap and immediately this guy started saying I was getting banned and that this was against the rules and that he was going to inform an admin. I got a little annoyed with his "tattle tale" behavior I read the rules again and I argued that it doesn't say specifically that its against the rules. He made the point that it gives me an unfair advantage which is a valid point although I never thought of it like that. The main reason I use the map is so I don't have to use the f3 menu to view the cords when I travel and it helps when you play with a low render distance (8 chunks). It doesn't have that much of an impact on the vanilla experience. I was banned about a min into the debate. I'm a reasonable person if an admin had messaged me and told me it wasn't allowed.. hey no problem I won't use it. The rule says
"No Hacked Clients. There is absolutely zero tolerance towards those who use hacked clients &/or glitches to give yourself an advantage over other players. This also includes using certain Texture Packs, such as X-Ray Packs and the use of 3rd party unfair advantage hotkey-ing."
voxelmap is not a hacked client, its not a glitch, a texture pack or xray and it doesn't have hotkeys its just a map. If I thought it was against the rules I wouldn't use it and I certainly wouldn't be broadcasting to everyone playing that I was using it. I never had problems using it on other servers. The rules don't say no mods the map hardly seems like cheating. I'm 9 votes away from vip I've been playing without any problems for 2 weeks. In that time I've found maybe 20 diamonds I don't use exploits or hacks I play vanilla because I want a vanilla experience. I don't pvp I play alone 45k+ away from spawn. There's a difference between knowingly breaking the rules and unknowingly breaking the rules. No map no problem I understand. Would you consider unbanning me or make it a temporary ban. If not that's fine I'll go to another server I thought I would at least try to appeal. Thank you for your time. -Spacestation302
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Re: Ban appeal spacestation302 voxelmap

Postby Fanpop » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:36 pm

Sorry dude its an obvious unfair advantage over others and any mods of the sort are treated the same as hacked clients, appeal denied.
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